Top Transitional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas 

The few homeowners who understand the differences between transitional and traditional styles during kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects often find it tough to choose between the two. Traditional kitchen and traditional bathrooms designs feature everything you would expect in your grandma's home such as the old style of lighting, classic colors, natural materials, and detailed craftsmanship. On the other hand, a transitional kitchen falls between modern and traditional, meaning that it features aspects of both to give out maximum creativity and practicality. Some of its traits include a mixture of natural and artificial materials, modern, industrial, or, traditional lighting, and simple profile cabinetry doors. Next is a look at some exciting transitional kitchen ideas that you can use during a remodeling exercise.

It is essential that you select interesting materials for your transitional kitchen since the storage and layout eclectic kitchen options are pretty standard. For instance, tiles offer an array of color and style choices, making them ideal for your project. Unlike in a traditional kitchen where wood, glass, stone, marble, or steel feature prominently, you are free to use any of the mentioned ones plus a few of the manufactured options such as marble and concrete.

Your color palette is best kept neutral but in different shades to make your transitional kitchen timeless. A touch of sophistication is also ideal, so brown tones for your furnishing, cabinetry, and floors will work perfectly. 

The subdued nature of traditional kitchens when it comes to color is what makes transitional alternatives exciting. You can have fun as you explore various textures since you can choose rough or polished stone, or tile surfaces that seem interesting to you. Remember that you need to create as much visual interest as possible, meaning that you should not limit your options at any given time.

If your remodeling involves traditional cabinets that you do not wish to replace, the use of contemporary accessories will turn them into transitional pieces that look elegant. The trick is to keep a low profile by preventing it from looking too modern. Alternatively, you can replace your wooden cabinetry with glass alternatives to achieve a complete transition but keep other aspects of your kitchen traditional.

Overall; a transitional design features elements of both new and old and combines them to produce something fresh and exciting. One desirable aspect of it is that as a homeowner, the decision as to how much you want to mix the two is dependent on your personal preferences and the extent you wish to express who you really are.

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